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Book Your Lake Saimaa Sport Fishing Holiday and Cottage Accommodation in Finland for the Year 2018!

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We offer you a week’s stay at Old School Trolling’s fishing cottage by Lake Saimaa at the height of summer and fishing season, and an introductory fishing trip with our professional fishing guide and company owner Mr. Jari Käyhkö

Our holiday week includes accomodation, linens, towels and departure cleaning for max. 6 persons. The price also includes one 4 to 5-hour guided fishing trip for max. 4 persons on Lake Saimaa. For families we recommend our combined fishing and boating trip with a relaxing picnic lunch on a small island. For independent fishing our cottage customers can use our two fibreglass boats with small motors (6 hp and 8 hp Mercury) and an assortment of fishing equipment – completely free of rent!

Seasonal tips for fishing on Lake Saimaa from our professional fishing guide Mr. Jari Käyhkö:

Winter time is for Active and Tip-up Ice Fishing

Ice cover usually begins to form in the beginning of December on the shallow parts of Lake Saimaa, but the best ice fishing times on the whole Lake Saimaa area start in mid-December. The early season until the end of January is very good for active and tip-up ice fishing of pike and perch. The ice fishing season of rainbow trout starts in the beginning of January and ends in mid-April. From mid-January to the end of February we do ice fishing for burbot. Spring fishing from the beginning of March to mid-April it is the best season for ice fishing of pike, perch, roach, bream, whitefish and zander on Lake Saimaa.

Spring Time Angling and Spinning

Water areas near our fishing cottage are free from ice usually around the 1st of May. The waters right in front of our cottage are only max. 2,5 metres deep. This means that the waters warm up quite fast in spring, which attracts small fish to do their eating and spawning there in May, which in its turn attracts bigger carnivorous fish to turn up and eat the small fish. The most effective methods for catching fish in the beginning of May are spinning, worm angling and fresh bait angling.

Big Pike Fishing for Early Summer

I have been fishing for over 30 years on these waters and I have learned that the period from the beginning of June to Midsummer (which will be on June 25th in 2016) is very good for big pike fishing near our fishing cottage. This is due to the coldness of the waters and the end of spawning period, which makes big pikes hungry and ready for catching. There are also plenty of smaller pikes hunting in shallow water, which makes fishing very active with lots of biting and actual catches.

Zander Fishing and Bright Nights of Midsummer

The last week of June and the first two weeks of July are good for catching zander near our fishing cottage. After mid-July zanders will start to move towards the streaming water areas in the distance of 5 - 6 km from our cottage and also to the big lakes of the Great Saimaa lake system, such as Paasselka, Orivesi, Savonselka and so on. Big pikes do the same and both zanders and pikes will be more often caught from the deeper areas or bank slopes of the big lakes of Saimaa in the daytime.

Sunny Summer Days & Warm Nights on Lake Saimaa

In Finland July and August are the best months for fishing on Lake Saimaa due to warm waters and often very warm or even hot weathers. There are plenty of fish about and you can fish around the clock if you wish, thanks to our light summer nights. Big perches normally move to the shallow waters in mid-July and they can be caught there in the daytime during a period of a couple of weeks. If you do late evening / early morning or night time fishing near our cottage, you will be able to catch zanders and pikes from the shallow waters as well. The best season for night-time fishing on Lake Saimaa continues from Midsummer until the end of August.

Fall Colours and Perch Flocks in September and October

The weather is still warm in late August and early September, making it great for picking berries and mushrooms near our cottage as well as fishing for perch and pike. The beginning of the season of fall colours, from mid-September to the beginning of October, is excellent for catching big pikes close to our fishing cottage. The season of fall colours will last until mid-October. From the beginning of October bigger perches start forming flocks in the deeper water areas of Lake Saimaa. Bigger pikes are also moving to deeper water areas to hunt vendace, which have their spawning season from mid-October to mid-November.

In the year 2016 we welcomed fishermen groups visiting our cottage from Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Israel, Russia and the Czech Republic.

In the year 2017 we welcomed fishermen groups visiting our cottage from Belarus, France, Netherland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel and the Czech Republic.

For the year 2018 we already have bookings from Latvia, Israel, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden. Follow our Blog or Facebook sites for fishing reports of our visitors.

Weekly Prices for the Open Water Season 2018!

Weekly prices are including one max. 5 hour fishing trip for 4 persons, accommodation, linen fees and final cleaning for max 6 persons. You can also find price for one week (Monday - Sunday) accommodation only.

May 2018

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June 2018 Here you can read fishing reports of our visitors from June 2016!

July 2018

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August 2018

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September 2018

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October 2018

8 October – 14 October 2018 for price 1200 €. Cottage accommodation only for 850 €.

15 October – 21 October 2018 for price 1150 €. Cottage accommodation only for 800 €.

22 October – 28 October 2018 for price 1150 €. Cottage accommodation only for 800 €.

29 October – 4 November 2018 for price 1150 €. Cottage accommodation only for 800 €.

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Chrismast 2018 and New Year 2019 Ice Fishing Holidays on Lake Saimaa, Finland!

3 December – 16 December 2018, 650 € / week (mon – sun), weekend 350 € (fri - sun), long weekend 450 € (thu-sun or fri-mon), workweek 400 € (mon - thu).

Chrismast Week or Long Week-end on Lake Saimaa, Finland!

17 - 23.12.2018, 800 € / week (mon – sun), weekend 400 € (fri - sun), long weekend 500 € (thu-sun or fri-mon), workweek 400 € (mon - thu).

24 - 30.12.2018, 990 € / week (mon – sun).

New Year Week or Long Week-end on Lake Saimaa, Finland!

31.12.2018 – 6.1.2019, 1100 € / week (mon – sun). Winter prices are including accommodation, linen fees and final cleaning for max. 6 persons. For independent ice fishing our cottage customers can use ice fishing gears that can be found in our fishing storage for free. Please feel free to ask available dates for guided ice fishing trips for catching Rainbow Trout, Perch and Pike.

Here you can read fishing reports & stories from winter season 2016!

Cottage Accommodation for Winter 2019 Fishing Holidays in Finland!

7 – 13 January 2019, 900 € / week (mon – sun), weekend 450 € (fri - sun), long weekend 550 € (thu-sun or fri-mon), workweek 450 € (mon - thu). 14 January – 17 March 2019, 650 € / week (mon – sun), weekend 400 € (fri - sun), long weekend 500 € (thu-sun or fri-mon), workweek 400 € (mon - thu).

18 March – 28 April 2018, 750 € / week (mon – sun), weekend 400 € (fri - sun), long weekend 500 € (thu-sun or fri-mon), workweek 400 € (mon - thu).

Dates 18 March - 21 April are the best for spring time ice fishing on Lake Saimaa.

No pets allowed. No smoking inside the cottage. Customers must leave the cottage in a clean and tidy condition before departure. Customers are not allowed to bring their own boats without permission from Old School Trolling. Customers are allowed to fish only with rods (angling, spinning, jigging or trolling), not with fishing nets, traps, etc.)

Contact: jari@oldschooltrolling.fi

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Springtime Fishing on Lake Saimaa: Softbait Spinning for Pike and Perch

To our delight, in spring 2015 we were able to begin our open water season as early as April 20th. In the picture you can see fishing guide and cottage manager Jari Käyhkö at the end of a sunny day of softbait spinning. This nice 3-kilo pike was perfect for being prepared into a very tasty smoked fish dinner that evening.

During the last week in April we also headed for the bigger open waters of Lake Saimaa to cast for larger perches. The sunny spring days made them pleasantly active and hungry. We wish you most welcome to experience spring with our professional fishing guide on Lake Saimaa!

Fishing on Lake Saimaa April 2015

Read descriptions of our fishing holidays

In July 2014 we welcomed a group of four fishermen from Lithuania to our cottage in Savonranta. We started with a one-day guided fishing trip during which I introduced them to the best lures and fishing spots of the area. The week was quite cold and rainy, but the guys managed to catch fish every day, by trolling as well as casting. Our guests were pleased with the pikes, perches and zanders they caught, and prepared tasty dishes out of them at our cottage. They also caught a nice fat ide.

In the middle of July we welcomed Gennady, Sergey and Aleksey from Moscow. The weather was brilliant and very warm almost every day. We fished together for five days, catching big pikes, zanders and perches, which we naturally cooked and ate with delight. The guys went fishing also on their own by using the two motorboats we have for our customers to use, free of charge. In addition to sunbathing and having sauna they also went for a bit of sight-seeing in Kerimäki and Savonlinna.

In August we welcomed a family of four from St. Petersburg. The father and his son used our boats to catch pikes and perches. We fished together for one day and got some pikes, perches and zanders. The whole family had fun jigging for perches, and at the end of the day I showed them how to cut them into bone-free fillets. The most enthusiastic fisher of them all was their 12-year-old son, who also caught the biggest pike.

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