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Boating and fishing trips in Finland. We operate on the waters of Northern Lake Saimaa in Joensuu, Liperi, Raakkyla, Kerimaki and Savonranta (Savonlinna).

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Old School Trolling • Jari Kayhko

e-mail: jari@oldschooltrolling.fi
Phone: +358 400 523 819

Distances from Savonranta
  • Savonlinna 55 km / 35 miles
  • Joensuu 85 km / 55 miles
  • Lappeenranta 180 km / 110 miles
  • Helsinki 390 km / 240 miles
  • Tampere 370 km / 230 miles

  • Flights to Joensuu

    Trains to Joensuu

    Flight from Helsiki to Joensuu takes duration of 1 hour. Train from Helsinki to Joensuu takes duration of 4.5 hours.
Old School Trolling  •  Jari Käyhkö
GSM +358 400 523 819  •  jari@oldschooltrolling.fi 
Business ID 2326440-4

Welcome to Saimaa